Google News Sites 4:Profit - Get Domains Approved in Google News for a Huge SEO Advantage

Diana Ratliff

Get the Google News ADVANTAGE for YOUR domains and websites... while you still can. (And while my course is $200 off!)

Google's "Stamp of Approval"

If Google is predisposed to LIKE your content (because they approve of your site) and they FIND it fast (because of their newsbot) - don't you think that's a BIG DEAL?

Whether you're...

  • promoting a product or service;
  • earning affiliate income;
  • helping other sites rank (offering SEO services);
  • building sites for clients; or
  • looking for an easy product to flip,

... a domain that is APPROVED IN GOOGLE NEWS is more likely to get Google's attention, get indexed, and rank well.

Learn the fastest, easiest methods to build sites, get them approved in Google News, and monetize them in multiple ways. Guaranteed.

In this step-by-step video course, you'll learn:

> What Google News Sites are, and why they're valuable

> How to make money from them, including

> What Google looks for to approve your website

> How to use different site-building tools, such as WordPress and YIVESites to get approved

> What RSS plugins and auto-blogging options work well, some free and some paid

> How to get domains approved, practically FREE

> How to submit your site to Google Publisher Center

> What to do if your publication is rejected

> What to do AFTER your site is approved

> Ideas and strategies to help you make money with your new site(s)

> How to SELL sites, domains, and DFY approval services (the fastest ways I know to turn $9 into $100 or more)
* *Note - this isn't a "how-to"course about affiliate marketing or selling sites or Adsense or building websites - it's a course about adding value to domains you want to use in those ways. We DO talk about these strategies in the Support Group.

NO Additional Software Required!

Most Complete, Most Supported, Course! Regularly $297, now $200 off!

Active Facebook Support Group, from someone who's had more than 250 domains approved in Google News!


What Students Say:

"If you are looking to jump on the Google News profit train, then this training is for you! Diana knows what works and what doesn't. This will save you a ton of time and headaches. These sites can be monetized different ways so don't hesitate to get started NOW. Honestly, this is a gold rush that Google has made available. Free traffic on demand from a Google News site in your niche. Near-instant indexing and SERP results. And Diana makes it super simple." - Marcus Cudd

"Diana's course will show you how to get a site approved as a Google News site. I like that it is straight to the point with very little fluff. I paid about $500 for another course on this topic, but prefer Diana's! I would definitely recommend this if you want to get started with Google news sites." - John Rodriguez

"Wow. My first news site is LIVE! 2 days to create and another 2 days to get approved. Thanks , Diana Ratliff, for this awesome guide and all the support you provide. Time to build more of these." - Rudy Papsik

 "Diana's course gives you a very strong foundation on what you need to do to get your sites approved in Google News. If you follow the video instructions, you will have no problems getting your sites approved. I've got dozens of sites approved doing exactly what she teaches in her easy to follow video training." - Roy Hendershot

One Time Investment, NO UPSELLS, No Extra Purchase Requirements


Frequently Asked Questions - Please Read Before Ordering!

Do I Need to Have a Facebook Account?

Yes. The course video files are hosted within a private Facebook Group. You will need to request access after buying, giving me the name and email address you used to order. 

Do you show me how to build a website?

No. Frankly, Google doesn't really care what site-building platform you use, as long as it meets their requirements.

I WILL log into to some of my sites and show you the settings I used.

I go over WordPress, YT Evolution, and YIVE Sites - but what I teach can be used with just about any site builder.  And it can be done for free.

Will I need to buy anything else?

Domain name. If you build with WordPress, you'll need good hosting and maybe an RSS plugin.

Another software product I like is $147, but it's not essential.

If you build with YIVE Sites, you don't need hosting or a plugin at all.

You can get Google News approval without spending any more money at all, and I'll show you how (though I don't think it's the best way to do it.) 

What's your guarantee or return policy?

If you follow my instructions and do the work (submit a site for approval), and can't get a domain approved in Google News, within 60 days, I'll refund your money.

You have access to an active Facebook Support Group for additional help.

When Does the Course Start?

The videos are recorded and immediately available within the Facebook Group. After you buy, request access to the group, I'll let you in and you can start learning and interacting! 

Terms & Conditions

There are no guarantees of any sales or income earnings. What you do with your site is up to you - this is an edge, not a magic bullet!

ORDER TODAY! (I don't know how much longer this Google News process will work - Google can change things at any time.)

Other Questions?

Contact me, Diana Ratliff. I'm a digital marketing veteran with 23 years of experience, and I'll be happy to explain further. You may also read more about me on my website, Thank you!

This product is not currently for sale.

Getting a domain approved in Google News is a big SEO "edge" that any online marketer can appreciate. Google's stamp of approval and instant indexing of posts makes getting traffic and SEO rankings much easier! In just an hour or two of step-by-step training, I'll show you how to get domains set up for approval in less than a hour.

No upsells
What you see is what you pay!
No other software/tools required
You need domains - other software can be useful, but it's not required
Google News Sites for Sale
Exclusive group to sell your domains/sites
Create sites in less than 1 hour; News Approval value is immediate
Great value
Most complete course; multiple methods explained
Easy to learn
Short, easy-to-understand video training. Immediately available. Active Support group
Money back if not approved

Google News Sites 4:Profit - Get Domains Approved in Google News for a Huge SEO Advantage